In these moments of concern and questioning about the corona virus, transparency is the order of the day in our La Barbinais Bed and Breakfast, in order to inform all our guests as well as possible. What could be more normal for a guest who has booked with us than to find the necessary information “at the source”. We will take care to update this page as much as possible according to the evolution of events and the situation (opening, closing, deconfinement, etc…).


      • We are open and our rooms are available according to their schedule: book a room,

      • You will be able to have breakfast in our lounge, either at 8:00 or 9:00 am, you will find two tables spaced more than one meter apart for the number of people listed on your reservation.

      • When you arrive, please let us know the time you would like to have breakfast (8 or 9 a.m.).

      • You will be able to order meals that you will enjoy in our large lounge, as usual and in this covid period; we will provide you with cutlery and the necessary equipment for a meal.

      • Meals taken in the rooms are forbidden.

      • We take care of the sanitary security with our cleaning service provider, we have reinforced our protocols during this period.

      • We are more flexible in our cancellation policy.


Tutorial to learn the right way to wash your hands to limit the spread of germs.


Learn the correct gestures for putting on, adjusting and removing a surgical mask. ATTENTION TO THE DIRECTION OF THE MASK: – if your mask has a coloured side and a white side, it is the coloured side that must be placed on the outside, – if your mask does not have a distinctive colour, it is the marking or the word “EXT” that must be placed on the outside.

#Coronavirus #Covid19 | How to Put on a Surgical Mask

Learn how to put on and take off gloves. This video for the hospital world reminds us of the need to wash our hands thoroughly before and after wearing gloves. It shows us the technique to avoid the risk of contamination when removing gloves and to prevent the soiled parts from being accessible when putting them in the trash.

#Coronavirus #Covid19 | Fitting and removal of Single-Use Gloves

Find in 30 seconds the reminder of the barrier gestures.

#Coronavirus #Covid19 | To know the barrier gestures to protect oneself

national information and official measures

In spite of this difficult situation the reservation remains possible: book a room

See you soon at la Barbinais, Charlotte and her family